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Cardin Elettronica Spa
Cardin Elettronica SPA

Cardin Elettronica as ever are giving their all in the domestic security and automation sectors. Applying themselves to the development of a project which places above all product reliability and safety, the company have also distinguished themselves by giving a general offer to a market that often manages to highlight the banality of the automation products as well as the professionalism of the those who install them.
Always at the forefront in the use of new technology they have produced a range of highly professional appliances aimed at qualified installers who work in the full conformity with the European standards and directives.

Meccanica Fadini s.n.c.
Meccanica Fadini s.n.c. It has been one of the first companies to innovate the market of automatic gate systems believing in oil-hydraulics as the fundamental working principle to incorporate into its own products. Thanks to the experience achieved directly on the field, Meccanica Fadini is always in the vanguard, offering the most modern and reliable solutions, associated with high productivity.
Teleco Automation s.r.l.
Teleco Automation s.r.l. Teleco produces radio automation systems that don�t require wires for its functioning, and don�t need complicated installations or building works. Teleco solutions for home, office and outdoor meet the effective real customer needs: they are easy and reliable, and they have a neat and easy-to-match design.
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