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TecnoCity SA was established on the basis of an innovative and singular conception of door and gate automation that allows the peripheral elements and accessories of such systems to be exploited and combined in a fully professional way.

In 1994 the company’s founder, Valerio Portesan, understood how important a role the control elements play, not only at that time but also today, in ensuring a better level of quality and practicality of an automated door or gate opening system.

The control elements with high capacity and selectivity, the safety peripherals, the reliable cutting-edge control electronics are and always have been key features of our systems. The continual quest over the years for innovative features plus ever more reliable, long-lasting, robust and practical products has made our company TecnoCity a benchmark for the automated apertures sector in Switzerland.

Our hands-on practical, technical and installation experience in the field have given us an in-depth knowledge of the various pieces of equipment, the problems and the different brands not only of automation products but also doors and gates which are to be found on the Swiss and the European market in general. We use all our professional skills in a meticulous selection of the products that we install in our region and distribute throughout the country.

Our strength therefore lies in the uncompromising and absolutely impartial selection we make of all the equipment that we offer our customers. We act as “pioneers” in the launching of new products and systems, scrupulously checking every technical characteristic, and only when we are satisfied do we begin to install and/or sell them.

Our partners and our suppliers are some of the best-known brands in the sector and in fact we work with professional, certified companies that have been operating in this field for years. Whether manufacturers of automation systems, doors or gates, safety accessories, peripherals for the system, or control and command electronics, there is a common denominator for all of them and that is the manufacture of certified quality products that are checked one by one before being put on the market.

Design is one of the key factors for us in selecting our partners/suppliers. In fact we believe that equipment should not be just technical but can and must also be pleasing to look at, so that our customers can readily appreciate the materials, lines and shapes of our products knowing that the reliability and quality are ensured.

Our way of working plus a high level of dynamism in finding solutions for our customers without delay, even in respect of the most unusual situation, has made TecnoCity Svizzera one of the country’s leading companies in the sector today. We are not yet satisfied, however, and our goals are set much higher. Our aim is to be present both technically and commercially even more throughout the territory, offering even more service to our customers who are our true and important resource.

However we view our and your progress in terms of evolution that must be sustainable and both human and environmentally friendly.

We hope you will take the time to browse our constantly evolving Internet site to see who our trading partners are and get to know what TecnoCity can offer you. We are happy for you to look through our pages.

We wish you all the best in your work and that you will have a great deal of satisfaction from our equipment. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about anything you wish to know.


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